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Digital sovereignty means the ability of a state to efficiently communicate and use digital technologies.
The public administration of the federal government, states, and municipalities in Germany seeks to strengthen its digital sovereignty and reduce dependencies as user, provider, as well as customer of digital technologies.

Digitalisation of Public Adminstrations and Data Sovereignty

Overall, the digital transformation of public administration in Germany and the high potential of data utilization must be emphasized. Data is the basis for decisions. It may help to provide more efficient services or business models, making public infrastructure fit for the future. This will be achieved through the further development of open interfaces, standards, and open-source solutions.

So, the domain promotes cooperation between the various stakeholders within the public sector such as public and private IT service providers, or platform operators. Working together, they can implement a sovereign, resilient and cross-sectoral data infrastructure. Due to Germany’s federal structure, this also involves informing administrations at all levels and motivating them to actively participate in Gaia-X. Furthermore, the domain wants to describe and advocate for the specific requirements of the public sector for the Gaia-X architecture.


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