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The ambitious goals of the domain are data sovereignty, transparency on the data origin and its utilization, compliance with data protection regulation, and an easy transmission and processing of construction data. It aims to simplify the work routine of its members by facilitating the exchange of data across different trades. This may thus increase the value creation in this key sector of Germany’s national economy.

Implementation of a Data Space for the entire Supply Chain

Three renowned experts from both research and practice have committed themselves as domain coordinator. They will support the development and progress of the working group.

In the beginning, the domain focused on establishing an advisory structure within the wide construction industry with the mission to integrate as many stakeholders as possible into the process of building a common digital ecosystem. Additionally, the working group has described and analysed concrete use cases, e.g., iECO and BIMKIT.

Additionally, the working group describes and analyses concrete use cases, e.g., iECO and BIMKIT. Furthermore, the domain seeks to intensify the exchange between the different domains, as the construction industry is linked to several other ecosystems. The goal is to implement and test a Gaia-X Federation with a wide range of partners from the entire value chain of Plan / Build / Operate and to establish a European Data Space.


Heinrich Schimmel – bad & heizung Schimmel GmbH
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus König – Ruhr Universität Bochum
Prof. Dr. Steffen Warmbold – Verband Beratender Ingenieure VBI

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