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The Mobility working group primarily focuses on the technical basis of data infrastructures and their enhancements. The aim is to establish a transparent and secure data infrastructure that fosters cross-sectoral and industrial collaborations, thereby driving innovation in vehicle development and operation, new business models, and for the overall mobility experience. Use Cases e.g., in production or autonomous driving, help to implement concrete solutions as basis for application-agnostic software modules.

Foundation for an interconnected Mobililty Ecosystem

Interface and usage scenarios from other Gaia-X domains are considered as well, as mobility data is of high relevance across numerous sectors like Agriculture, Energy, Healthcare or Smart Cities. In return, the Mobility domain highly benefits from the Geoinformation domain.

The data which is used for the implementation of mobility applications in our domain, mainly originates from individual mobility patterns and non-public product information from manufacturers or service providers. This requires a high level of data security and user-friendliness. Issues like data sovereignty, authorized utilization, and partial encryption gain increasing importance, as well as the integration of AI-driven analysis and tools.

The interoperability of the Gaia-X data infrastructure significantly contributes to a sustainable and safe mobility. An interconnected and technology-agnostic ecosystem for the mobility sector allows for collaboration among all stakeholders throughout the entire lifecycle: including manufacturers, suppliers, raw material providers, sharing economy initiatives, intelligent services, and intermodal fleet management. Gaia-X safeguards personal rights and intellectual property, while enabling the optimization of products, services, and processes compliant to EU directives. Additionally, security risks and the impacts on the environment can be tracked and reduced in accordance with national and global regulations.


Prof. Dr. Frank Köster – Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)

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