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The Industry 4.0 domain meets the demand for a more efficient value creation through the interconnection and utilization of data in production. The Platform Industry 4.0 initiative serves as basis for the development of a federated data infrastructure based on European values.

Data Infrastructure for the Implementation of Industry 4.0

Value in production and manufacturing is typically created within a global interconnected supply chain today, which relies on defined business relationships across organizations, regions, markets, and industries. Often, these networks are based on bilateral agreements to meet specific business objectives of the partners. However, this bilateral approach causes difficulties for the cooperation among multiple stakeholders both upstream and downstream the value chain. To meet the challenges of the future, a fundamental paradigm shift is necessary in the global production ecosystem from bilateral to multilateral cooperation, as well as to digital transparency, and integral ‘sovereign data flow’. The overarching goal is a fully interoperable data ecosystem that enables frictionless data exchange.

Gaia-X enables a sovereign and transparent supply, as well as the efficient processing of data and services within the sector. The domain is committed to build an ecosystem for useful services in heterogeneous production environments based on the Gaia-X infrastructure, thereby achieving the widespread implementation of Industry 4.0.


Gerd Hoppe – Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG

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