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The mission of the Geoinformation domain is to unlock the potential of spatial relationships through the utilization of geodata technologies and their integration into value-generating business processes. The Gaia-X principles of trust, governance, data sovereignty, portability, and transparency will add value in the distribution, provision, integration, and utilization of geospatial data.

Common basis for Spatial Data and Geoinformation

The progress of the global economy and its industries in Europe is closely tied to the availability and accessibility of data. In this context, geographic data, information, and its relationship is significant, because most data categories with high value (e.g., environment, mobility) are inherently linked to geographical space. Nearly all types of spatial information data may generate leverage effects for national economies and markets for sustainable development. Therefore, it is reasonable to establish and maintain a common framework for a network of technology-open, collaborative, and harmonized geoplatforms, services, and methodologies in the future, thereby addressing the requirements of various industries.
Our domain promotes the exchange of geoinformation data and is confident that benefit will arise from the dissemination of geoinformation across other Gaia-X domains. This approach will generate value and foster crowd sourcing, collaboration, as well as innovation and enhance the efficient use of Geomatics . A successful implementation of a network of interconnected private or public geoplatforms may also help other Gaia-X verticals.


Hon. Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Gerd Buziek – Esri Deutschland GmbH

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