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The willingness to exchange data among all participants of the supply chain is crucial for further innovation and to ensure that agricultural business models can be effectively expanded and optimally utilized. Gaia-X creates trust and can significantly strenghten this development.

Trustworthy Data Exchange for technological Progress in Agriculture

A significant effort in digitalization is currently emerging in the Agrifood industry . Not only agricultural and horticultural businesses do produce a large number of products every day, but also an ever-increasing amount of data. However, the true value of this data will only emerge from sharing them collaboratively. Consequently, both traditional suppliers like machine manufacturers and agrochemical companies, as well as new players throughout the entire supply chain, embrace digital innovations like data ecosystems. These stakeholders employ digital tools and new data-driven applications, targeting not only farmers and Agrifood companies, but also consumers.

The wide range in size among the players in the ecosystem – multinational corporations, SMEs, one-man operations, and family businesses – underline the need to create confidence between companies and farmers. Besides, there are other challenges: guaranteeing access to the digital internal market, ensuring data interoperability and portability, and considering the interests of the entire value chain. As an open, transparent, and interoperable ecosystem, Gaia-X provides a suitable framework for these challenges and will significantly accelerate the digitalization and technological progress in the agricultural sector through sovereign data services.


Prof. Dr. Engel Arkenau – German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Stiene – Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI)

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