17. July 2023

Data trusts, data intermediation services and Gaia-X


For open and transparent data sharing, the trustworthiness of data infrastructures plays a particularly important role for all parties involved. Especially with highly sensitive, personal data such as in the financial or healthcare sector, suitable concepts and tools are needed to enable a secure transmission, processing, or utilization of data compliant with data protection regulations. In this context, data trustees and data intermediation services offer promising initial solutions as independent, neutral trusted entities and are therefore being discussed on multiple levels.

As the debate intensifies, however, it often remains unclear what is meant by terms such as data trust and data intermediation service and how these terms are related.

This white paper aims to help clarify these ambiguities by explaining the concepts of data trusts and data intermediation services and their relationship, particularly in the context of the Gaia-X project.


Dennis Appelt

Peter Kraemer

Dr. Abel Reiberg

Adam Smoleń