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Few other domains offer citizens as direct and immediate benefits from digital transformation as the healthcare sector and yet the potential of digital technologies, cloud infrastructure, or AI is hardly realized. For digital innovation in medicine and healthcare provision, health data from various sources must be available, combined, and processed, while adhering to highest security standards.

Health Data Space according to highest Security Standards

The mission of this domain is to unlock the great value of health data and the scalabilities that are vital for further research and innovation in Europe. Moreover, the working group seeks for collaboration with stakeholders in the healthcare sector to establish a health data space based on the Gaia-X infrastructure.

We aim to make health data accessible in a secure and trustworthy manner, allowing every participant to easily manage and control it. Therefore, digital use cases in healthcare are analysed regarding their implementation on Gaia-X and their specific requirements. These use cases show the wide range of possible healthcare applications within the sector, including caregiving, research, and healthcare industry. Thus, even the coronavirus is subject matter of these use cases.


Prof. Dr. Susanne Boll – OFFIS e.V. – Institut für Informatik
Prof. Dr. Roland Eils – Department Digital Health Berlin Institute of Health @Charité
Prof. Dr. Björn Eskofier – Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen
Bruno Ristok – C&S Computer und Software GmbH

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