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The energy domain is dedicated to find intelligent solutions for electricity generation, energy storage, power transmission, and consumption monitoring. The domain focuses on utilizing all potentials that arise from a federated data infrastructure that covers the entire value chain, contributing to the acceleration and facilitation of the energy transition.

Digital Interconnection of the European Network

The members of the domain aim to establish, integrate, and leverage both trustworthy and useful cloud services. Additionally, we want to create new products or services, and promote innovative business models. This facilitates the integration of a European digital system layer onto the existing energy system and thereby seamlessly interconnecting them.
Our vision for data-driven solutions is to drive the sector towards decarbonized energy and carbon neutrality. Beyond that, these solutions foster energy efficiency and the so-called sector coupling (e.g., green energy fluids), as well as increased flexibility and the integration of the renewable energies into the European electricity grid. By enabling the data exchange among all stakeholders, we may unlock the potential for valuable use cases, and facilitate the provision of new digital services for users and businesses.
These use cases require collaborative efforts across national borders, in terms of sharing knowledge, semantic data models, data acquisition methodologies, and data functionalities. Access to data within trustworthy and collaborative cloud infrastructures is a prerequisite for offering a comprehensive range of services under stringent security standards. The strategy of Gaia-X in defining common policy rules will ensure the protection of data, know-how, and services, as well as interoperability and portability. These values are pivotal in bolstering trust and transparency, thus enabling an infrastructure for scaling, digitalization and providing new services on European level.


Prof. Dr. Michael Laskowski – Atos
Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Inf. Oliver Warweg – Advanced System Technology branch AST of Fraunhofer IOSB

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