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Learn more about the European Initiative for an open, secure, and transparent Data Infrastructure.

Gaia-X explained

The project Gaia-X aims to create an ecosystem of interconnected data spaces. Through the establishment of standards and open interfaces, data can be linked, securely shared, and easily transferred between different infrastructure providers within this ecosystem.

This makes it possible to combine different cloud and service providers, adapt services to industry-specific demands, and process data in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) among other regulations.

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About Gaia-X Hub Germany

The German Gaia-X Hub is the first point of contact for all companies, organisations , and interested parties in Germany who want to learn more about the project or actively engage in it.

It gives voice to German businesses and market participants. It offers a platform for information, dialogue, and collaboration. The German Gaia-X Hub helps various actors from various sectors to get easy access to a data infrastructure.


The members of the German Hub work together in industry-specific working groups.

Gaia-X Projects

Numerous projects are currently working on the implementation of interesting use cases.


Discover our publications, white papers and position papers on Gaia-X.

European Collaboration

for a data infrastructure based on European values and rights.


Trustworthy, secure data exchange enables new business models


Open interfaces and standards strengthen transparency


Data sovereignty through interoperability and privacy

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